Thursday, 3 March 2016

IELTS Academic Writing - Task 1

The steps needed to produce crisps in a factory are illustrated in the diagram.

Initially, the potatoes are washed with cold water provided by overhead pipes and their skin is removed in the same compartment. The peeled potatoes are transported with a conveyor belt to a slicer where they are loaded individually. Once they have been cut into small pieces cold water is added from overhead pipes. The next stage known as the drying stage involves hot air being applied to the sliced potatoes which are moved along a conveyor belt and end up in a temperature cooker.

Here, the raw potatoes are cooked before passing onto a conveyor belt to be salted. The final stage is that of packing the salted crisps into individual bags in order to prepare them for distribution and consumption in the market.

As we can see, this production process consists of six stages all carried out by machines that are responsible for washing, peeling, slicing, drying, salting and packaging crisps.

Question taken from Top Tips for IELTS p.74

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