Thursday, 31 October 2013

Useful vocabulary for IELTS Academic reading – 'paragraph headings'

When trying to match the paragraph headings with the lettered paragraphs of the passage, it is important to understand the wording in the headings given.

A successful exercise in… = the positive outcome of something
The positive side of… = an advantage
The economic benefit… = how something is profitable
Developments that have led to a new approach… = a new way of doing something
The expanding scope… = the increasing possibilities
Negative effects / some of the disruptive results / negative results… = bad effects
The danger of / the threat to… = risk involved
Alarm caused by… = worrying results
The failure of… = the reason why something didn’t work
Less valuable… = not as important
Disputes about data… = not everyone agrees with the data
The unpredictability of / uncertain reasons… = not sure why something happens
Comparisons… = looking at two or more things
Alternative… = looking for other solutions
The impact/effect of/reaction of… = how something is influenced
Reason for… = purpose for
An example of… / research shows… = gives you a model of something
Causes of… = reason for
Efforts to predict… = trying to foresee
The connection between… = the relationship between two things
The views of… = what someone thinks of something
Lack of data / a lack of information about… = not enough information
Variations in… = changes