Tuesday, 15 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Business (Vocabulary)

self-employed - to work for yourself
to run your own business - to have a business of your own
to set up a business - to start a business
to go into business with - to join another person to start/expand a business
niche business - a business that serves a small, particular market e.g. a shop that sells products for left-handed people
to earn a living - to earn money
to make a profit - income is greater than cost of running a business
to take out a loan - to borrow money
to take on employees - to give people a job
to launch a product - to start selling and promoting a new product
to lay someone off - when a company ends an employee's contract of employment
to fire an employee - to dismiss a worker from a job
to retire - stop working when reaching the normal age for leaving service (e.g. 65)
an employee - someone who works for a salary/wages
an employer - a person/organisation that gives someone a job
a manager/a director/a supervisor - a person who supervisors a person or activity
a wage - a payment made on a daily or weekly basis for work or services


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