Friday, 18 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Clothes and Fashion (Vocabulary)

to be trendy - fashionable
the height of fashion - very fashionable
to keep up with the latest fashion - to wear the newest fashion
to have an eye for fashion - to ge a good judge of fashion
to take pride in your appearance - to pay attention to how you look
well-dressed - to be dressed attractively
to look good in/to suit someone - to wear something that suits you
to mix and match - to wear different itsms of clothing that aren't part of a set
casual clothes - not formal
classic style - a simple, traditional style
timeless - something that doesn't go out of fashion
vintage clothes - clothes from an earlier period e.g. 70s
smart clothes - the kind of clothes worn for a formal event
designer clothes - well-known, expensive brand
to dress for the occasion - to wear clothes that are suitable for a particular event e.g. wedding
fashion icon - a person famous for their sense of fashion
fashion show - an event where models show off the latest designs
to go out of fashion/old fashioned - not in fashion anymore
a slave to fashion/a fashion victim - someone who always feels the need to wear the latest fashion

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