Friday, 18 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Accommodation (Vocabulary)

modern comforts - technology at home that makes jobs easier e.g. microwave
detached house - not physically connected to other property
apartment block - a large building made up of smaller apartment units
dream home / ideal home - a home you regard as perfect
to do up a property - to repair an old building
fully-furnished - rented property with all furniture included
house-hunting - looking for a property to live in
house-warming party - a party to celebrate moving into a new home
hall of residence - a college/university building where students live
to live on campus - to live on the university/college grounds
to move into - to begin to live in a property
to own your own home - to have bought the property you live in
property market - the buying and selling of land or buildings
to put down a deposit - to pay an amount of money as the first in a series of future payments
rented accommodation - property owned by someone else.  A person pays a fixed amount to live in
single room - a room for one person
a spacious room - a large room
the suburbs - a residential area on the edge of towns or cities

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