Sunday, 17 January 2016

Collocations for Speaking IELTS

Collocations are adjectives and adverbs used to give more information about something. Certain adverbs go with certain adjectives.

terribly exciting e.g. The football match was terribly exciting.
really exciting e.g. Travelling across Asia is really exciting.
extremely amusing e.g. Did you see that series? It's extremely amusing.
incredibly good e.g. The food they serve is incredibly good.
rather dull e.g. My history lesson is rather dull.
totally relaxing e.g. I had a totally relaxing weekend.
really interesting e.g. I find art galleries really interesting.
most informative e.g. The brochure they have about the city is most informative.
absolutely awful e.g. The weather yesterday was absolutely awful.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Compound nouns (Travel vocabulary)

When we combine 2 or 3 nouns we make a compound noun.

speed limit
air traffic
business trip
credit card
flight attendant
insurance policy
tour guide
package tour
traffic jam
rush hour
arrivals hall
name tag
travel insurance
hand luggage
holiday destination
adventure holiday
public transport
lost luggage