Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

As the population of the world is growing very quickly, the only long-term solution to the problem of overpopulation is for humans to settle on other planets. What benefits has the world got from space exploration? Do you think humans will ever live on other planets?

Space exploration is no longer limited to Hollywood science fiction movies but rather it has become a modern reality. Both manned and unmanned space crafts have been sent to outer space to record and gather information about life on other planets as well as a host of other reasons.

Firstly, the natural resources of the Earth are running out because of overpopulation. We are also destroying our natural environment by human activity in the form of pollution. It is for this reason that we need to explore other options for future human survival. Secondly, space exploration has made life on Earth safer and easier. With the help of satellites, the weather can be predicted accurately. This is particularly useful in avoiding the effects of natural disasters and predicting crop yields. Satellites also have the ability to locate fossil fuels that exist under the Earth’s surface, as well as to monitor asteroids that threaten our existence. Let us not forget the job opportunities this field offers or the GPS, internet and phone systems that operate via satellite.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and as life forms have already been found on Mars, space stations might make it possible for humans to emigrate. However I believe that this will not happen in the near future. Research is still needed to ensure that it is safe to live on another planet and that there are enough resources to sustain human life. Companies are already selling plots of land on the moon and are preparing to take tourist for visits to the moon.

Space exploration has offered mankind a lot in terms of safety and comfort and it offers the potential for future survival.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing skills p.176

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Hunting animals is one of mankind’s earliest instincts and, therefore, should not be restricted. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

In the past people hunted for survival and depended on what they caught to feed and clothe them. They usually hunted wild animals like deer, caught fish in rivers and lakes and birds too. Today people mostly consume farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. These are produced on a large scale and are found in supermarkets, markets and at the butchers. Those who hunt usually do it for sport rather than out of necessity.

Our lifestyles have changed as well as our food. Hunting should be restricted in some cases as the motive behind it is profit rather than consumption. Poachers in Africa kill elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns selling them to countries like China who sell them to consumers at high prices for medical purposes. There is a need to protect these animals from indiscriminate hunting practices.

As wildlife is becoming scarce due to the shrinking of their natural habitat and the number of hunters who hunt for a hobby is on the rise, I believe it is a good idea to restrict this practice. Hunting on a large scale affects eco systems leading to an imbalance in nature. Governments often try to maintain a balance by issuing licenses to a limited number of people and placing restrictions on the amount of animals a hunter can kill. What is more, governments breed animals in captivity and then release them into the wild during the hunting season.

I believe that hunting should be restricted because we have moved away from a nomadic lifestyle and have settled in cities where food is readily available. Hunting merely for entertainment or profit does not help the environmental problems that exist, nor does hunting animals like whales and sharks to satisfy a nation's taste buds.

Questions taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing skills p.183

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Many people have complained about the large salaries paid to top executives of major companies. Why do you think top executives are so well paid? Do you think their large salaries are justified?

Managers in large companies are highly paid in comparison to the rest of the staff, receiving large sums every year in addition to bonuses, commissions and other perks. Those who are less privileged are likely to think that this is unfair.

Top executives are being paid for their education, experience, insight, ability to make decisions and the responsibilities they have to undertake. Being a manager means making difficult decisions for the company and taking calculated risks that could impact a business. Top executives are under a lot of pressure to make successful choices and are paid well for the stress they have to endure. They are often graduates of Ivy League universities, have spent thousands on quality education and are often the best in their field. They may have been head hunted for a top post because of their valuable and relevant work experience.

I do not think these high salaries are justified. In many instances executives land a job because of their strong connections or because their family members are on the Board of Directors, so they don’t actually deserve to be in that position. Secondly, there are other employees in the company who work just as hard, are dedicated and have just as much responsibility as top earners but are rewarded less. I believe it is better for income to be distributed more equally and for profits to go back into the company rather than to be given to individuals. Highly paid executives cause resentment in the company and don’t correspond to the amount of work one does.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing Skills p.212

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Many people leave their homes in the countryside to live in large cities. What factors make people want to move to the city? How realistic is it to control the numbers of people moving to the city?

Recently there has been a trend for people to move from the country to settle in large cities leading to the existence of mega cities. It is usually the young and those of working age that move from rural to urban areas.

A significant reason why people move to cities is because of the employment opportunities they will find there. Work in the countryside is limited to agriculture and an educated youngster might prefer a different career path. Similarly, many factories are located in cities and the likelihood of receiving a higher salary and benefits is greater in the city.

Secondly, cities provide a range of facilities for their residents. Citizens have access to better medical care, education, housing etc. Young people are also attracted to cities for the entertainment they offer such as clubs, bars, caf├ęs, and cinemas. They have the freedom to express themselves and meet up with like-minded individuals.

In some countries like China, measures are in place to control migrant workers moving around freely. When moving from the countryside to the city, workers are issued with an identity card and local authorities keep account of the movement of workers. This is necessary for population control. Perhaps this system would not be seen favourably in the West as population figures are not so high and re-location is viewed as a personal choice.

I believe supply and demand should be the deciding factor for controlling movement from the countryside to the city. If workers are unable to find jobs in the city they are likely to return to the countryside.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing Skills p. 179

Monday, 22 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Living much longer in the future will be of great benefit to everyone. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Life expectancy has increased due to medical advances, education and improved lifestyles. This was not the case in the past. People lived short lives and died of diseases that are curable today.

A long life is likely to benefit families who have a good relationship with their elderly family members. Grandparents can help a family by looking after their grandchildren and cooking for the family. Living longer will benefit the elderly who will now have the time to enjoy their leisure time and engage in activities they couldn’t do while working such as travelling.

Taxpayers would disagree with this statement as they are the ones who have to pay high taxes to support an ageing population. The costs involved in providing pensions and health care for the elderly are high. In addition, the elderly do not contribute anything to an economy as they do not work. So countries that have an ageing population like Japan are not considered productive and there is a fear that the economy will shrink.

Many people have visions of living forever without considering if they will be healthy enough to enjoy their long life. Unfortunately, living longer means a person is more prone to illness and mental decline so this might not benefit an individual. Although the elderly can provide free childcare they are viewed as a huge cost to the state in terms of maintenance and lack of productivity.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing Skills p. 175

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

The local government is planning to change the bus timetable. You are not happy about the proposed changes. Write a letter to the newspaper. In the letter

  • describe the changes
  • explain how they will affect you
  • say how you would improve the service
Dear Sir/Madam,

I reside in your council and commute by bus on a daily basis. To be more specific, I use bus number 52 that runs from Palace Road to Kennedy Avenue as I work at Selous Plaza. With the current timetable I am able to catch the 7:15am bus and be at work by 7:35. I saw a notice at the bus stop informing passengers of a change to this schedule. The earliest bus will now be arriving half an hour later.

This proposed change is likely to affect many passengers travelling to work daily. We will be unable to arrive at work on time. Unfortunately, I have no other means of transport and my employer will not be satisfied if I arrive at work later than other staff members.

As I am unaware of the reasons behind changing the current timetable which has been the same for the last fifteen years, I would like to propose an alternative solution. If possible, a bus could be arranged for 7:00am. In this way, residents will not be late for work.

I hope you take the above into consideration prior to finalizing the bus schedule.

Yours faithfully,

Gina Dewoskin

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing skills p.139

Friday, 19 April 2013

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You are going on holiday and you would like to hire a car. One of your party is in a wheelchair. Write a letter to a car hire company. In your letter

  • explain the reason you need the car
  • describe the type of car you need
  • ask what the price is and what it includes
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a group of five who are traveling to Moscow for a week, starting on the 24th of June. A member of our party is wheelchair bound and in order to facilitate him and make movement around the city easier we wish to hire a car from your company. We are also planning some day trips outside Moscow so a car would be the ideal way to travel.

We would be interested in hiring a small mini van that could seat us all in as well as have space for a folded wheelchair. A ramp will be required, preferable an electronic one and a large sliding side door. These facilities will help the wheel chair user enormously.

Could you please inform me of the cost of hiring such a car for a week? Will there be additional costs for insurance, road assistance, fuel etc or are these included in the cost of hiring the vehicle?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Fouwa

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.138

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You won’t be able to hand your assignment in on time. Write to your lecturer asking for an extension. In the letter

  • describe the situation
  • explain why your assignment will be late
  • say when you will be able to hand in your assignment
Dear Professor Adams,

As you are aware, the hand-in date for our Human Geography assignment is on Friday. I am writing to inform you that I will be unable to keep to this deadline so I would like to ask for an extension if possible.

Unfortunately I had to return briefly to Portugal to attend my grandfather's funeral. Although I had begun the assignment well in advance this unforeseen circumstance put me behind schedule. I remained in Portugal for a week and when I came back to London I still felt too upset to work on the assignment.

As I mentioned previously, the assignment has been partially completed. The conclusion remains and I predict that I will be able to have this done by Wednesday next week the latest. When it has been completed, I will deliver the assignment to your secretary.

Thank you for your understanding.


Jubaer Jibon

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.136

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You had a minor accident at work. Write a letter to your employers. In the letter

  • describe what happened
  • explain the cause of the accident
  • state what you think should be done about the situation
Dear Mrs. Vashishtha,

I am writing to inform you about a minor accident I experienced at work last week while you were abroad on a business trip.

On Tuesday morning I went to the office kitchen to make some tea. I switched the plug on and the water began to boil. Suddenly I heard a bang and I noticed that the socket and plug had burnt. I also burnt my hand slightly in an effort to control the situation. The other staff members rushed to my aid and by placing my hand under cold running water I was able to avoid blistering.

I believe that the accident occurred because the office staff usually overburden the sockets in the kitchen. A double socket is used for the refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, toaster and kettle.
In order to avoid this happening in the future I suggest we contact an electrician to visit our premises and repair the wiring in the kitchen, providing every appliance with its own outlet.

Yours sincerely,

Stefanie Atkinson

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.134

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You are going on holiday. Write a letter to a friend asking him or her to look after your house. In your letter
  • explain the situation
  • tell your friend what needs to be done while you are away
  • arrange to meet your friend before you go
Dear Marina,

Remember how I’ve always told you I’ve wanted to travel to New Zealand? Well, guess what? I’ve booked a three week holiday and I’m leaving on the 1st of May. I need to ask you a huge favor as you live in my area. Could you please take care of my house?

There isn’t very much you need to do. The mail should be collected from the post box and put inside the house. I don’t want to attract burglars who will know nobody is at home! I have a couple of plants inside the house that will need watering as well as my small back garden. My regular cleaner will come once to do some dusting but that has been taken care of.

I hope you are free to meet up this Saturday at our usual spot for some coffee. I want to tell you all about my holiday plans and of course I want to give you a set of keys to my house!

See you soon,


Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.131

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You think you left your briefcase on the train yesterday morning. Write a letter to the lost property office. In the letter

  • describe what the briefcase looks like and what was in it
  • explain where exactly you think you left the briefcase
  • say what you want the lost property office to do
Dear Sir/Madam,

While commuting to work yesterday morning by train I accidentally left my briefcase behind. I take the route from Expo Station to Clove Station on a daily basis and this is the first time I have left my possessions behind. I always place my briefcase under the seat so I do not disturb other passengers. In all likelihood it will be found there.

Unfortunately, my briefcase is the standard type. It is black with gold colored lock combination numbers. The only distinguishing feature is a small silver star sticker that my daughter put next to the handle. Although the briefcase does not have anything valuable in it, I keep my diary there, documents that I need to review at home and a sandwich.

I would like you to notify me by phone when my briefcase is found. I will come past your office with my identification to claim it.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Clinton

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.130

Thursday, 18 April 2013

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You have seen an advertisement for a job as a part-time sales assistant at a bookshop. Write a reply to the advertisement. In the letter
  • describe your work/study experience
  • give the hours you are available for work
  • say why you are suitable for the job
Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to your advertisement in the Guardian for the post of a part-time sales assistant at Bookworm bookshop, I would like to apply for this position. I am currently a university student studying to be a librarian. In the past, I worked as an assistant at the university library. I was responsible for cataloging books, assisting students with any queries they had and organizing inter-library loans.

I am available for work throughout the week except for Tuesdays and Thursdays as I have lectures on these two days. I do not have much studying to do this semester so I will be able to work eight hours a day.

I believe I am suitable for this job as I have vast knowledge about books due to my studies and relevant work experience. I am friendly, sociable and have good communication skills.

I enclose a copy of my C.V. and two recommendation letters from my previous employer.

Yours faithfully,

Janet Jackson

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.128

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You want your friend to come to your partner’s surprise party. Write a letter inviting your friend to the party. In the letter
  • explain about the party 
  • describe what you are going to do at the party
  • say who the other guests are
 Dear Gwen,

I hope you are well. I am writing to invite you to Carlton’s birthday party on the 8th of August at 7pm. It’s going to be a surprise, so please don’t make it public knowledge! We’re having it at the country club because he won’t suspect anything that way. He will assume we are just going there for a romantic meal.

It’s going to be a pool party so make sure you are casually dressed and don’t forget to bring your bikini with you . I have arranged for a catering company to provide us with snacks and cocktails. DJ Sam will be playing live so be prepared for some serious dancing!

The guest list is long. We are expecting about 100 friends and family members to be there. I’ve invited Carlton’s immediate family as well as some of his close work colleagues. Our good friends will be there so everyone will pretty much know each other.

I predict that it’s going to be a party that Carlton will never forget and I think we’re all going to have fun.

See you soon,


Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.127

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You live in a room in college. There is a problem in the bathroom that you would like repaired. Write a letter to the accommodation officer at you college. In the letter
  • describe the problem
  • explain how the situation affects you
  • suggest a time when a repairman could visit
Dear Sir/Madam,

I rent an un-suite room on-campus. My room number is 202, King's Court. Recently I have been experiencing a problem with the bathroom sink. Even though I close the tap completely, it continues to drip.

I spend most of my time in my room studying and this noise disturbs me immensely. I cannot concentrate on my work at all. Similarly, the dripping sound continues throughout the night and I am unable to sleep as a result. My grades have been affected negatively as I am tired from lack of sleep. I often have to sleep on the floor in my friend's room just to escape this awful sound.

I would appreciate it if you could send a plumber to repair this leaking tap. In the mornings I attend lectures but I am always in my room in the afternoon from 2pm onwards.

I hope this problem can be resolved the soonest so that I can get some rest and return to my usual timetable.

Yours faithfully,

Pete Sampras

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.126

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You have seen an advertisement for a special offer for a holiday at a beautiful tourist resort. You would like to book a holiday. Write a letter to the travel company. In the letter
  • say when you would like to arrive and leave
  • describe the type of accommodation you require
  • ask for more information about activities available
 Dear Sir/Madam,

Glamour had a wonderful advertisement on your resort and the special offer you are providing to holiday makers. As a result, I would like to make a reservation for two people. We will be arriving by plane on the 25th of July and leaving on the 2nd of August. Our plane lands at 10am and I understand that you provide a free pick-up service from the airport for your guests.

I would like to book a double room with a sea-view for the duration of our stay. We would also like this to be on a full-board basis.

The advertisement in the magazine mentioned that visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as scuba-diving, horse-riding on the beach and golf. Could you provide me with some additional information on the scuba-diving activities you offer? Will there be an instructor? When will they be held and how much does this activity cost?
I look forward to your reply and booking confirmation.

Yours faithfully,

Ani Turner
Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.121

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

Last year you attended a course in a college in Australia and unfortunately you have lost your certificate. Write a letter to the principal of the college. In your letter
  • explain who you are and the course you are studying
  • ask for a replacement certificate to be sent
  • say why you need the replacement certificate
 Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a second year student at your college, studying Travel and Tourism. My student number is 8042. Last semester I completed a diploma course for which I was awarded a certificate. Unfortunately I have misplaced this certificate.
If possible I would like to receive a replacement certificate. I am willing to pay the additional cost involved to have it sent to me. I will settle this amount when I come to pay my college fees next week. My residential address is available in your records.
I have applied for a part-time job at a well-known tourist resort in my area. The resort manager has asked me to submit all my academic documents together with my C.V. This job is a good opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learnt at your college and I do not want this opportunity to pass me by.
I look forward to receiving the replacement certificate.
Yours faithfully,
Amanda Johnson

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.116

General Training Writing - Model Answer (Task1)

You are organising a graduation party for your class and you want to book a restaurant. Write a letter to the manager of your favourite restaurant. In the letter
  • explain the reason for the party and the date and time it will be held
  • describe some particular food you would like served
  • say how many people will be attending and what their dietary requirements are
Dear Sir/Madam,

I often eat at your restaurant as I value your excellent food and service. It is for this reason that I have decided to make a reservation for our graduation party. This is our final year and my classmates would like to celebrate this special event together. Our lectures end on the 15th of June so I would like to make a reservation for Saturday the 18th at 8pm.

We will be opting for a set menu of salad and vegetable soup for starters. As a main dish we would like grilled salmon with wild rice and steamed vegetables. Our desert will be your prized cheese cake and a fruit platter.

There are nineteen people in our class and all of them will be coming to the dinner. As we are students from many religious backgrounds, fish is the most suitable choice. There are no vegetarians among us and everyone has ensured me that they have no food allergies. We would like a healthy meal accompanied by freshly squeezed juices.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation.

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Atwood

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.211

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

If people have more money, they are generally happier. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Money is used as a measure of exchange for products and services and as a unit of measuring value. When the barter system died out, it was replaced by money. In order for any current transaction to be carried out, money is used.

Having money definitely means you can afford to live a better quality of life without worrying. Wealthy people receive higher levels of education, health care, have good pensions, are able to go on luxurious holidays and purchase quality brand products. In fact, many people envy those who have a comfortable life and aspire to have this type of life as well.

Even though having money means your choices are better, this does not mean that money and happiness are linked together. Many rich people have other types of problems that money cannot solve and which cause them misery, for example, health and social problems, dependency on drugs and alcohol etc.

On the other hand, people with very little have less to worry about. They are not concerned about social pressure and keeping up with others. They appreciate the simple things in life which are free like spending time with their family and friends.

To conclude, I don’t think there is a connection between money and happiness. Happiness comes from within irrespective of money. Having more money does mean that people can afford material products that make them temporarily happy. But having too much money brings with it its own set of problems.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS writing p. 56

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Some people say children no longer need to develop handwriting skills. Others believe that handwriting is still important. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Children of today spend many hours on the internet and they enter information via a keyboard or in some cases by touching the letters on a screen. This is true of other devices too. When they become adults they are likely to spend most of their working lives in front of a computer screen typing information rather than writing by hand.

At school emphasis is placed on developing handwriting. This is because throughout school, students are required to copy information from a board, take notes and write essays. In addition, written exams are a way to access students. In the world of work handwriting is still important despite the availability of technology. Workers are constantly writing notes to remind them of tasks they need to do or they keep a diary. Let us not forget the fact that sometimes technology fails us as in the case of viruses, power cuts and human errors. Not having written something down will mean that information has not been stored.

On the other hand, supporters of technology and modern means of recording and saving information might say that handwriting is a skill of the past and that emphasis should be placed on children learning how to use a keyboard as this is how they will function as adults. What is more, standardized printed letters are easier to read. Some children may struggle with writing because of some disability they may have so using a computer will help them enormously.

In my opinion, handwriting is valuable and should continue to be taught. This helps children to learn how to write, a skill that is used throughout their lives as well as teaching children how to achieve coordination between their brain and hand.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing Skills p. 214

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

The camera has changed the way we look at the world and the way that we celebrate special occasions. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Many people have access to a digital camera nowadays. There are also many different ways to take a picture. We can use a mobile phone, a tablet and other portable devices. It is no longer necessary to develop film either. We can save, print or upload photographs on the internet for everyone to see.

With the use of a camera we are able to capture every moment and we can use this method for looking at the world rather than the naked eye. When we celebrate a special event like a wedding, graduation party or the birth of a child, there is usually more than one camera present.

This is not always a positive development. People are under pressure to show that they are having a good time and capturing a moment with a camera is a way to prove this. The people taking part in a celebration behave like actors posing for the camera. In addition, a photograph represents a small moment rather than a whole event. On the other hand, a camera can capture an important personal moment that we can remember when we look at the photo again.

The camera has become a crucial accessory accompanying every type of special event. We now tend to freeze a moment and look at it through a camera lens. Although people who are camera shy do not appreciate their photo being taken, photos help us to re-live a special occasion.

Question taken from Grammar for IELTS p.187

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The types of music purchased in the USA by age group in the year 2010 are shown in the given bar chart.

The age group 23-31 buys over 4 million rock records. The 46-57 and 16-22 year olds purchase a little less than 4 million records. Similarly, the age groups 32-45 and 58+ buy about 3 million rock records. Sales for pop music are greatest for the 16-22 years old, about 5 million, followed by the next age group with 3.5 million. Half a million less pop music is bought by the 58+ group. The 32-57 year olds purchase less than 1.5 million pop records.

All age groups buy less than 3 million jazz recordings, with the youngest age group only purchasing 2 million. Finally classical music is popular with the 58+ group who bought 4.5 million records. All other groups buy less than 3 million with the 16-22 year olds spending the least on this type of music.

To sum up, pop music is popular with the16-31 year olds, rock music is also preferred by this age range as well as by the 46-57 year olds while the oldest age group enjoys classical music.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.88

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The two pie charts show where 25-year-old Londoners prefer to stay in two different time periods; the 1990s and the 2010s and the table shows available housing during this period.

In 1990 about a quarter of this age group preferred to live either with their parents, in a shared house or in a flat alone. A smaller percentage chose to share a flat. The smallest proportion of 25 year olds lived in a house alone.

Twenty years later fewer young adults stayed with their parents while the proportion of those living in a shared house and flat increased. The amount of those living in a flat alone fell considerably to about 5%, while those living in a house alone were around the same percentage (5%).

In the 1990s, 47,000 3-4 bedroom houses were available and there were 39,000 flats with the same number of bedrooms. There were 2,000 more available 1-2 bedroom houses (34,000) than there were 1-2 bedroom flats in the 1990s. The number of 3-4 bedroom houses increased in 2010 to 48,500, while the amount of 3-4 bedroom flats dropped by 7,000. 1-2 bedroom houses and flats became less available at 12,000 and 10,000 respectively.

In conclusion, shared flats and houses became more popular accommodation choices for young Londoners and all types of available housing became scarcer except for 3-4 bedroom houses.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.73

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The two pie charts show the types of movies that won an Oscar in two different time periods, 2003 and 2008.

In 2003, almost half of the Oscar winning movies were thrillers, while less than a quarter were action and horror movies. Comedy, romance and science fiction had about 10% of the Oscar awards each and documentaries a little more than this.

Five years later, in 2008, the proportion of thrillers winning an Oscar dropped to a third. About a quarter of Oscar winning movies were action films while the proportion of romance, comedy and documentary film winners remained the same and science fiction Oscar winning films increased slightly.

To conclude, in both years the most Oscars were given to thriller films. More Oscars were given to action and documentary movies in 2008 while there was a drop in the number of Oscars received for horror films. All other genres of movies received about the same number of Oscars in 2003 as they did in 2008.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.45

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The line graph shows the number of visitors who went to four tourist attractions in Edinburgh over a 30 year period (between 1980 and 2010).

In 1980 approximately 25% of tourists to Scotland visited the castle in Edinburgh. Visitor numbers reached a peak of 45% in 1995 and then dropped to 30% in 2010. The Festival had a more or less steady flow of visitors, ranging from 30% in 1980 to 28%, 30 years later. Although the percentage of visitors to the aquarium halved from 20% in 1980 to 10% in 2010, the most visits to this attraction (35%) were in 1985. Finally, there was a fluctuation in the percentage of tourists who chose to go to the zoo. In 1980 only 10% of visitors to Scotland went there and this percentage eventually doubled in 2010.

In conclusion, the castle was the most popular Edinburgh attraction for tourists who visited Scotland and not many visitors chose to go to the zoo. The number of visits to the aquarium fell in 2010 while the zoo visits increased. The festival  and castle figures remained approximately stable.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.39

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The bar chart illustrates how many university students choose to study certain subjects according to gender in 2005.

Most males opt for the Sciences (about 22 thousand students) and Mathematics (about 18 thousand). About 15.000 male students choose Social Sciences and Literature, while approximately 5.000 less go for Humanities and Law. Very few male students, less than 3.000, study Languages and The Arts.

On the other hand, Social Sciences top the preferences of female students at almost 25.000. 17.000 females choose to study Languages. There are between 9.000 to 11.000 female students in The Arts, Literature, Humanities and Sciences. Law and Mathematics are the least popular subjects studied by females, 5.000 and 4.000 respectively.

To sum up, male students prefer the Sciences and Mathematics to Languages and the Arts, while female students chose the Social Sciences and Languages. Law and Mathematics are not a popular study choice for female university students.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.19

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The table provides information on how many people watch four different sports on television in four countries.

Tennis is popular in the USA with 7 million views. The other three countries have an audience ranging from 6.1 to 6.6 million. Once again, Americans enjoy watching golf on television (11.2 million views) the most. Australia, Canada and the UK have considerably less viewership, that is, below 5 million each. 6.4 million fans watch motor racing in the UK, followed by 3.7 million in Australia. The USA and Canada have extremely low amounts of viewership, 1.5 million and 1.1 million respectively. Finally, 5.5 million Americans are into watching athletics on TV, while 1 million less British fans enjoy this sport. Less than 4 million Canadians watch athletics on TV while 3 million do so in Australia.

Taking the data into consideration, we can conclude that Americans enjoy watching these sports on TV the most (25.2 million) while the total viewing figures for Canada stand at 14.5 million. Tennis is by far the most favored sport to watch on TV (25.9 million views) while motor racing is not that popular (12.7 million views).

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.13