Thursday, 24 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Food (Vocabulary)

to be full up - can't eat anymore
to be starving/dying of hunger - very hungry
to eat a balanced diet - to eat the correct types and amounts of food
to eat like a horse - to eat a lot
to follow a recipe - to cook a meal following instructions
a fussy eater - someone who has their own high standards about what to eat
to grab a bite to eat - to eat something quickly
to have a sweet tooth - to enjoy sugary food
home-cooked food - food cooked at home from individual ingredients
the main meal - the most important meal of the day
to make your mouth water - to make you feel very hungry for something
to play with your food - to push food around the plate to avoid eating it
processed food/a ready meal - commercially prepared food bought for convenience
a take away - a cook meal prepared in a restaurant and eaten at home
fast food/junk food - pre-prepared/packaged food that has low nutritional value
a snack - a small amount of food between meals
to spoil your appetite - to eat something that will stop you feeling hungry when it's meal time
ingredients - foods/substances that are combined to make a certain dish
calories - a measure of the energy value of food
cuisine - a style or method of cooking of a particular country or region e.g. Indian cuisine
traditional food - consumed over a long period of time in a region or country
nutritious - nourishing
vitamins - organic compounds which are essential for normal growth
a vegetarian - a person who doesn't eat meat, fish, animal products for moral, religious or health reasons.
vegan - a person who doesn't eat or use animal products
lactose intolerance - inability of someone to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and dairy products
dairy products - milk products e.g. cheese, yogurt
red meat - meat that is red when raw e.g beef, lamb
white meat -  pale meat e.g. chicken, rabbit
to fry - cooking in oil or other fat
oily food - greasy
to steam - to cook in boiling water in a covered pan
barbecue (BBQ) - food cooked outdoors over an open fire
food label - label found on package giving information about the nutritional value of the food item
to go on a diet - to follow healthy nutrition rules mainly to lose weight
delicious/tasty - pleasant to the taste


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