Sunday, 13 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Music (Vocabulary)

types of music - pop, rock, classical, jazz, reggae, electronic, R&B, rap, Hip Hop, instrumental etc.
taste in music - the music someone likes
fans - people who love a particular band or singer
background music - music that is played while something else is happening e.g. music played in a shop or restaurant
a catchy tune - a song that is easy to remember and makes you want to sing it
to download music - to get music from the Internet
to go on tour - to plan performances around a country
live performance - music that is listened to while it is performed
to have a great voice - to sing well
a hit - an album or single that sells many copies
a single - a CD that has only one song
a record/an album - a recorded song or music available for the public to buy
a music festival - performance by different artists over several days
a group/band - a small group of musicians who play or sing together 
a musical instrument - an instrument that makes a musical sound e.g. piano, guitar, saxophone
the music industry - the industry that represents companies that record, produce and market music
music piracy - when an artist does not give consent to the copying or distribution of their music
a music video - a short film made with a song to promote it
the charts - a weekly listing of recent bestselling records

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