Saturday, 26 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Vocabulary (Relationships)

to break up - to end a romantic relationship
to drift apart - to become less close to someone
to fall out with - to have a disagreement and stop being friends
to have an argument with/to argue - to have a disagreement
to get a divorce - to disolve a marriage legally
to get along like a house on fire - to like someone's company a lot
to hit it off - to quickly become good friends
to get on well with - to understand someone and enjoy similar interests
to enjoy someone's company - to like spending time with someone
to have ups and downs - to have good and bad times
to ask someone out - when someone asks another person out for a date
to get to know - to begin to know someone
to fall for - to fall in love
to fall head over heels in love - to start to love someone a lot
love at first sight - to fall in love as soon as you meet someone
a healthy relationship - a good, positive relationship
to be in a relationship - to be romanticallly involved with someone
to work at a relationship - to try to keep a positive relationship with someone
to settle down - to give up the single life and start a family
to get engaged - to make a promise to get married
to tie the knot - to get married
to go back years - to have known someone for a long time
to have a lot in common - to share similar interests
to be well matched - to be similar to
to just be good friends - to not be romantically involved
to keep in touch with - to keep in contact with
to lose touch with - to not see or hear from someone anymore

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