Sunday, 26 December 2010

Some adjectives ending in –ic and –ical

academic, aerodynamic, aesthetic, allergic, artistic, athletic, cosmic, domestic, dramatic, dynamic, egoistic, energetic, enthusiastic, epic, erotic, ethnic, exotic, fantastic, gigantic, graphic, hectic, majestic, metallic, mythic, neurotic, organic, pathetic, public, scenic, strategic, toxic, tragic

alphabetical, analytical, biological, chemical, chronological, classical, critical, economical, electrical, ethical, geographical, historical, identical, lexical, logical, magical, mechanical, medical, musical, optical, physical, philosophical, political, psychological, practical, sociological, statistical, stereotypical, technical, theoretical, tropical, vertical

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Phrasal Verbs – Grow

Grow apart = gradually become less friendly as interests/opinions change e.g. We used to be close friends but now we’ve grown apart.
Grow into clothes = become big enough for clothes to fit you e.g. I got a bigger size but I’m sure my child will grow into the jeans.
Grow on somebody = to like a person or a thing more whereas in the beginning you didn’t. e.g. I didn’t like the shape of the car but now it’s grown on me.
Grow out of clothes = when clothes become too small. e.g. She grew out of the yellow dress.
Grow out of something = to develop from somewhere e.g. The exhibition grew out of the photos I took on my trip abroad.
Grow out of something = stop being interested in something e.g. He liked playing with toy cars but now has grown out of it.
Grow up = to become an adult e.g. They grew up in Indonesia.
Grow up! = stop behaving like a child e.g. Oh grow up, it’s not funny.
Grow up on something = something you did or had when you were a child e.g. We grew up on those adventure books.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Describing success/difficulty (Vocabulary)

When we talk about goals, aims, objectives, targets etc. we can use the following words to describe our success or difficulties.

To succeeded in something
To attain goals/aims/objectives/targets
To reach targets/goals
To managed to do something
To achieve a great deal
To accomplished a lot
To meet expectations
To surpass/exceed expectations
To fulfill a lifelong ambition

To have difficulty in something
To find it difficult to do something
To have some trouble with something
To have a hard time
To be unable to cope

Friday, 3 December 2010

Asking for language help

Excuse me/Sorry....

I don't understand.
Could you repeat that?
Can you speak more slowly, please?
What does....mean?
How do you spell that?