Sunday, 13 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Town/City Vocabulary

inner-city - the central part of a city where people live, often in poor conditions.
poor housing - housing that is not in good condition.
run down - buildings that are old and of a poor standard.
residential area - an area where people live.
suburbs - the outer area of cities/towns where people live.
local facilities - local buildings or services that service the public.
office block - a large building that has offices.
places of interest - buildings that have an interest for visitors.
tourist attraction - a place of interest to tourists.
public spaces - areas that are open to the public e.g. a square, a park
shopping centre - an area with many shops.
shopping malls - large indoor shopping centres.
upmarket shops - expensive fashionable shops.
public transport system - public vehicles e.g. buses, trains, trams that run at regular times and routes.
to get around - to travel around.
traffic jam/congestion - heavy traffic which makes it hard to move around.

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