Wednesday, 16 March 2016

IELTS Speaking - Describing a person (Vocabulary)

complexion - natural skin colour and texture
fair hair - light-coloured hair
shoulder-length hair - hair that comes down to the shoulders
to be good looking - to be attractive
medium height - average height
to be overweight - to weigh more than is regarded as healthy
to have a slim figure - attractively thin
to be well-built - to be muscular
to have a youthful appearance - to look young
middle-aged - about between 45-65

to be open-minded - prepared to accept other views/behaviours
easy-going/laid-back - relaxed and not easily worried about anything
extrovert - an energetic person who likes the company of others
fun-loving - to enjoy having fun
having a good sense of humour - able to understand what is funny
introvert - someone who is shy
to put others first - to think of others before yourself
self-confident - believes in one's own ability/knowledge
trustworthy - can be trusted
honest - truthful
loyal - giving constant and firm support
supportive - giving encouragement of emotional help

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