Sunday, 2 February 2014

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The pie charts show five waste disposal methods used for dangerous products in three countries.

To begin with, Korea employs three methods. Most dangerous waste material is re-cycled (69%). The remaining 31% is either buried or burnt. In Sweden, burial is the favored way of dangerous waste material disposal with more than half the waste being disposed in this way. A quarter is recycled and 20% ends up incinerated. Finally, like Sweden, the United Kingdom chooses to place dangerous waste underground (82%). Equal proportions are dumped at sea or chemically treated. Only 2% is burnt.

Korea is the only country that disposes of dangerous matter responsibly by recycling it. The United Kingdom does not use this method at all and is the only country that dumps waste in the sea and uses chemical treatment. Lastly Sweden and the UK predominantly prefer to get rid of hazardous material by burying waste underground.

Question taken from Official IELTS Practice Materials 2

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The bar charts show which areas contain the world’s oil reserves as well as the proportion of yearly oil use globally by region.

The Middle East has the greatest percentage of total world oil resources by far. This amounts to more than a half of global supply (56.52%). All the other countries listed have less than 15% of the world’s reserves with Canada having 14.84%. Eastern Europe and Africa have almost the same percentage, whilst Australia and New Zealand have less than 1% of this resource.

Asia (26.21%) and the United States (25.48%) consume most of the world’s oil every year, closely followed by Western Europe (19.24%). All other areas mentioned consume very little oil, less than 7% with Australia and New Zealand only using 1.31%.

The charts show that even though the Middle East has the greatest supply of oil, it is Asia, the USA and Western Europe that consume the largest amount of oil. Australia and New Zealand do not have much oil and they have the lowest consumption as well.

Question taken from official IELTS Practice Materials 2