Friday, 4 March 2016

IELTS Academic Writing - Task 1

The diagrams illustrate the design of houses located in places where the weather is cool and another where it is warm.

To start with, houses built for cool climates are designed with insulation in the walls, roof and floor in order to reduce the loss of heat.  In addition, buildings are equipped with thermal material that sores heat. Large windows are installed in the direction of the sun to allow heat to enter the house.  Finally, the roof is designed at a high angle.

The houses situated in warm climates are designed to have a different function during the day and in the evening. At night the large windows can be left open and ventilation allows the stored heat to be removed. The external insulation and reflection features of the house allow it to be cool during the day in warm climates. The overhanging roof allows for shade and the reflective material does not allow the heat from the sun to enter the house. Insulation is also added below the roof to stop the heat coming through it. Finally, the large windows are covered during the day.

In conclusion, the aim of the design of houses in cool climates is to store heat and prevent heat loss whereas in warm climates houses are constructed to keep the heat out during the day and remove it at night.

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