Monday, 7 March 2016

IELTS - General Tips for Listening

  • You only hear the recordings once - so write the answers as you listen.
  • Listen carefully to the introduction for each section and try to imagine what the speakers will talk about. This will give you useful information about the situation and the speakers.
  • You have time at the beginning of each section to look at the task. Use this time well to read the questions and think about the topics.
  • The questions always follow the order of the recording. If you miss a question look ahead and think about the next one.
  • Write clearly when you transfer your answers to the answer sheet.
  • When you transfer your answers to the answer sheet, don't copy any extra words from the question paper.
  • When you read the question, you may find it helpful to think of words to listen for which have a similar meaning.
  • Listen to the intonation of the speaker as this could help you to decide whether the sentence is positive or negative.
  • It is useful to underline key words in the question to help you focus on the words (or similar words) to listen for.

Taken from Top Tips for IELTS

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