Thursday, 18 April 2013

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

You live in a room in college. There is a problem in the bathroom that you would like repaired. Write a letter to the accommodation officer at you college. In the letter
  • describe the problem
  • explain how the situation affects you
  • suggest a time when a repairman could visit
Dear Sir/Madam,

I rent an un-suite room on-campus. My room number is 202, King's Court. Recently I have been experiencing a problem with the bathroom sink. Even though I close the tap completely, it continues to drip.

I spend most of my time in my room studying and this noise disturbs me immensely. I cannot concentrate on my work at all. Similarly, the dripping sound continues throughout the night and I am unable to sleep as a result. My grades have been affected negatively as I am tired from lack of sleep. I often have to sleep on the floor in my friend's room just to escape this awful sound.

I would appreciate it if you could send a plumber to repair this leaking tap. In the mornings I attend lectures but I am always in my room in the afternoon from 2pm onwards.

I hope this problem can be resolved the soonest so that I can get some rest and return to my usual timetable.

Yours faithfully,

Pete Sampras

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.126

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