Wednesday, 17 April 2013

General Training Writing – Model Answer (Task 1)

Last year you attended a course in a college in Australia and unfortunately you have lost your certificate. Write a letter to the principal of the college. In your letter
  • explain who you are and the course you are studying
  • ask for a replacement certificate to be sent
  • say why you need the replacement certificate
 Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a second year student at your college, studying Travel and Tourism. My student number is 8042. Last semester I completed a diploma course for which I was awarded a certificate. Unfortunately I have misplaced this certificate.
If possible I would like to receive a replacement certificate. I am willing to pay the additional cost involved to have it sent to me. I will settle this amount when I come to pay my college fees next week. My residential address is available in your records.
I have applied for a part-time job at a well-known tourist resort in my area. The resort manager has asked me to submit all my academic documents together with my C.V. This job is a good opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learnt at your college and I do not want this opportunity to pass me by.
I look forward to receiving the replacement certificate.
Yours faithfully,
Amanda Johnson

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.116

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