Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The types of music purchased in the USA by age group in the year 2010 are shown in the given bar chart.

The age group 23-31 buys over 4 million rock records. The 46-57 and 16-22 year olds purchase a little less than 4 million records. Similarly, the age groups 32-45 and 58+ buy about 3 million rock records. Sales for pop music are greatest for the 16-22 years old, about 5 million, followed by the next age group with 3.5 million. Half a million less pop music is bought by the 58+ group. The 32-57 year olds purchase less than 1.5 million pop records.

All age groups buy less than 3 million jazz recordings, with the youngest age group only purchasing 2 million. Finally classical music is popular with the 58+ group who bought 4.5 million records. All other groups buy less than 3 million with the 16-22 year olds spending the least on this type of music.

To sum up, pop music is popular with the16-31 year olds, rock music is also preferred by this age range as well as by the 46-57 year olds while the oldest age group enjoys classical music.

Question taken from Get Ready for IELTS Writing p.88

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