Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Many people have complained about the large salaries paid to top executives of major companies. Why do you think top executives are so well paid? Do you think their large salaries are justified?

Managers in large companies are highly paid in comparison to the rest of the staff, receiving large sums every year in addition to bonuses, commissions and other perks. Those who are less privileged are likely to think that this is unfair.

Top executives are being paid for their education, experience, insight, ability to make decisions and the responsibilities they have to undertake. Being a manager means making difficult decisions for the company and taking calculated risks that could impact a business. Top executives are under a lot of pressure to make successful choices and are paid well for the stress they have to endure. They are often graduates of Ivy League universities, have spent thousands on quality education and are often the best in their field. They may have been head hunted for a top post because of their valuable and relevant work experience.

I do not think these high salaries are justified. In many instances executives land a job because of their strong connections or because their family members are on the Board of Directors, so they don’t actually deserve to be in that position. Secondly, there are other employees in the company who work just as hard, are dedicated and have just as much responsibility as top earners but are rewarded less. I believe it is better for income to be distributed more equally and for profits to go back into the company rather than to be given to individuals. Highly paid executives cause resentment in the company and don’t correspond to the amount of work one does.

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and Writing Skills p.212

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