Wednesday, 17 April 2013

General Training Writing - Model Answer (Task1)

You are organising a graduation party for your class and you want to book a restaurant. Write a letter to the manager of your favourite restaurant. In the letter
  • explain the reason for the party and the date and time it will be held
  • describe some particular food you would like served
  • say how many people will be attending and what their dietary requirements are
Dear Sir/Madam,

I often eat at your restaurant as I value your excellent food and service. It is for this reason that I have decided to make a reservation for our graduation party. This is our final year and my classmates would like to celebrate this special event together. Our lectures end on the 15th of June so I would like to make a reservation for Saturday the 18th at 8pm.

We will be opting for a set menu of salad and vegetable soup for starters. As a main dish we would like grilled salmon with wild rice and steamed vegetables. Our desert will be your prized cheese cake and a fruit platter.

There are nineteen people in our class and all of them will be coming to the dinner. As we are students from many religious backgrounds, fish is the most suitable choice. There are no vegetarians among us and everyone has ensured me that they have no food allergies. We would like a healthy meal accompanied by freshly squeezed juices.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation.

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Atwood

Question taken from Focusing on IELTS Reading and writing skills p.211

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