Monday, 29 October 2012

Verbs - Present Continuous

We use Present Continuous for:-
  • Actions that are happening now e.g. What are you doing?
  • Temporary situations e.g. They’re living with an Australian family in Sydney.
  • Future arrangements e.g. We’re going to the cinema this evening.
Expressions used with Present Continuous:- at the moment, right now, now, at present, currently.

We don’t use the Present Continuous for verbs which describe a state (thoughts, feelings, senses, possession) e.g. agree, be, believe, belong, contain, exist, forget, hate, have (possession), hear, imagine, know, like, love, mean, mind, need, notice, owe, prefer, realise, remember, seem, suppose, understand, want, wish

sit sitting
plan planning
run running
stop stopping
swim swimming

come coming
live living
make making
smile smiling

die dying
lie lying

I am walking.
You/We/They are walking.
He/She/It is walking.

She is talking to Betty at the moment.
He’s going out this evening.
Her boyfriend broke up with her and she is in her room crying.
They are currently reading a novel for their assignment so they can’t go out tonight.
I think she is hiding behind the chair.
We are helping the homeless this weekend.
Stop! A pedestrian is crossing the road.
They are building a row of houses in this street at present.
His car broke down and he’s pushing it to the garage.
Look! That man is shouting at the children.
The workers are carrying bags of supplies to the supermarket right now.
They are jumping over the last hurdle now.

I am not
You/We/They are not
He/She/It is not

They aren’t working today as it’s a public holiday.
The film isn’t starting for another hour so take your time.
He isn’t studying for his exams.
They aren’t meeting up this week to discuss the project.
He isn’t running very fast. I don’t think he’ll win the race.
She isn’t calling us to eat dinner. She just wants to see if we’re alright.
We aren’t looking at the accounts today because we don’t have time.
They aren’t going to Spain this summer.
I’ll call her. She isn’t sleeping.
She isn’t cutting the bread. She’s making some cupcakes for the party.
They aren’t arguing about football this time.
She isn’t putting the books on the shelf. She has gone to get a ladder because she can’t reach. 

Am I
Are you/we/they
Is he/she/it

Is she eating in the kitchen or the living room?
Are you writing a response to the email?
Is he booking a table for tonight?
Are they cooking potatoes or rice for us?
Is she asking for directions? I hope we can find the place.
Are you opening the suitcase to put more clothes in or are you looking for something?
What’s he doing over there? Is he sitting or standing up?
Is she listening to Pink’s new album now?
Can I speak to dad or is he watching TV?
Are they playing the guitar in the band tonight?

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