Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The line graph shows how many people used three types of train travel in Great Britain over a 55 year period.

The National rail network was used most frequently in 1950 with 1,000 million passengers while in 1955 the usage reached its peak. Between 1960 and 1985 this amount decreased and ranged between 600 - 1,000 million passengers. This mode of transport picked up again after 1992 and surpassed 1,000 million passengers.

Travel by London Underground was stable at approximately 740 million passengers in the first 25 years. The lowest usage was in 1980 when passenger numbers fell to just below 500 million. An increase is then noted with numbers close to those of the National rail network.

The Light rail and metro system was built in the 60s and less than 240 million used this means of transport. Prior to 1980 passenger numbers dropped. In 1980 nobody used this means but then more passengers used it after this time period.
All in all, the most popular way to travel was national rail while light rail and metro were not preferred. There is also an upward trend in recent years in all types of train transport.

Question taken from IELTS Testbuilder 2 p.30

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