Friday, 12 October 2012

Specialists/ Academic Experts (IELTS reading vocabulary)


AgriculturalistAgriculture → the study of farming and farming methods

AnthropologistAnthropology → the study of humanity

Archaeologist Archaeology → the study of the remains of ancient civilizations

Architect Architecture → the study of the design and construction of buildings

Biologist Biology → the study of living organisms and their relationship to their environment

Demographer Demography → the study of living populations

EconomistEconomics → the study of money and financial systems

Educationalist Education → involved in all areas of education

Engineer Engineering → the use of scientific knowledge to design and build structures

Environmentalist Environmental Studies → the study of pollution and other factors that affect the environment

Geologist Geology → the study of rocks and the earth’s surface

HistorianHistory → the study of the past

Journalist Journalism → the recording of events for the media

LinguistLinguistics → the study of the development and use of language

MathematicianMathematics → solves mathematical problems

MeteorologistMeteorology → the study of the atmosphere e.g. weather and climate

Neuroscientist Neuroscience → the study of the structure and function of the brain and nervous system

NutritionistNutrition → the study of food and how it affects our bodies

Ornithologist Ornithology → the study of birds

Palaeontologist Palaeontology → the study of prehistoric life

Philosopher Philosophy → the study of ideas and knowledge to better understand the world

Physicist Physics → the study of the natural world

Psychologist Psychology → the study of the human mind and how it works

Zoologist Zoology → the study of the animal kingdom


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