Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vocabulary - remember, recall, remind etc.

To remember = to bring something to mind e.g. They always remember my birthday.

Remembrance = to recall an event in a serious context e.g. The remembrance service is held every July.

To recollect/recollection = to remember something by making an effort e.g. I can’t recollect if he was wearing a seat belt that day.

To recall = to bring a memory or event back to mind, particularly when telling it to others e.g. I recall him telling the team that he would never let them down.

To remind = to help someone remember something important e.g. Can you please remind me to take my pills for my blood pressure?

Memory = the ability to remember things e.g. I’ve got such a good memory, that’s why I do so well in exams!

To reminisce/reminiscence = a pleasurable memory of the past e.g. She often reminisces of her student days.

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