Saturday, 29 September 2012

Phrasal Verbs with 'move'

Move ahead = to start/continue with a plan e.g. The local government is moving ahead with the park in King Street.

Move someone along = when a person in authority asks you to leave a place e.g. You can’t sleep on the bench, move along please.

Move something along = to develop in a satisfactory way e.g. Our wedding plans are moving along nicely.

Move away = to go live in another place e.g. I was so upset when my best friend moved away.

Move in = to start living in a new house/area e.g. Have your new neighbours moved in?

Move in with someone = to start living with your partner e.g. Sally moved in with Harry two years after they met.

Move out = to stop living in a certain house e.g. She moved out of her mother’s flat once she started her studies.

Move on = to leave where you have been staying and go elsewhere e.g. I’ve had enough of Vancouver and I think it’s time for me to move on.

Move on = to become better/more advanced e.g. Technology has moved on since the days of the desktop.

Move someone down/up = to be placed in a lower/higher class or level e.g. Students with learning difficulties are being moved down a grade.

Move over/up = to make space for someone to sit/stand e.g. Can you move over so that my grandmother can sit down?

Move over = to be involved in a new job that is similar to your previous work e.g. I started editing for a newspaper then moved over to a magazine.

Move towards something = to have almost achieved your aim e.g. We are moving towards a settlement.

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