Saturday, 1 September 2012

Phrasal verbs with 'hang'

Hang around somewhere = to spend time somewhere without doing a lot e.g. I use to hang around that park when I was a child.

Hang out somewhere/with someone = to spend time e.g. I hang out with my friends a lot.

Hang around together / with someone = spend time together e.g. We used to hang around together when we were younger.

Hang around = slow to do something e.g. If you hang around too long, you will miss the last bus.

Hang in there/ hang on = to continue doing something despite difficulties e.g. Hang in there! I know you can do it.

Hang on = wait for a short time e.g. Hang on. I’ll go put my shoes on now.

Hang on = to hold something/someone tightly e.g. Hang on to your belongings, there are many thieves in this area.

Hang on! = a confused/surprised expression e.g. Hang on! Didn’t you tell me that you left the company?

Hang on to something = to keep e.g. You should hang on to that flat. Its value will go up.

Hang something out = to dry e.g. I always hang my washing out to dry.

Hang over something = to be worried e.g. Gurbinder lost his job and I have that hanging over my head.

Hang up = to suddenly end a telephone conversation e.g. He made me angry and I hung up without saying goodbye.

Hang up = to be delayed e.g. We were hung up in traffic because of an accident.

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