Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Phrasal Verbs with 'live'

Live by something = to follow certain rules or beliefs e.g. I would never do that as I live by the law.

Live something down = to wait for people to forget about something embarrassing e.g. He’s never going to let me live down the day that I fell into the pool.

Live for something/someone = to believe something/someone is the most important thing e.g. I eat chocolate every day. I live for it.

Live off/on something = to eat only a certain type of food e.g. When I was at university I lived off jacket potatoes.

Live off/on something/someone = to use a supply of money/another person for daily necessities e.g. We are living off our parents as we are both unemployed at the moment.

Live on = to continue to exist e.g. The memory of Whitney Houston still lives on.

Live out something = to stay in a certain place/condition until you die e.g. They decided to live out the rest of their lives in the country they grew up in.

Live out something = to experience a fantasy/ambition e.g. During Halloween we live out our fantasy of being vampires.

Live out = to not live in the place you study/work e.g. We couldn’t find a room in the university hall so we had to live out.

Live through something = to experience a difficult situation e.g. Our grandparents lived through the depression.

Live together/with someone = a couple lives in the same house without being married. e.g. We lived together for three years before we got married.

Live it up = to do exciting/enjoyable things e.g. We spent one month in Shanghai living it up.

Live with something = to continue your live with a difficult/unpleasant situation e.g. Unfortunately, she takes pills and has to live with high blood pressure.

Live up to something = to fulfil people’s expectations/a certain standard e.g. The hotel was excellent and lived up to my expectations.

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