Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The diagrams show changes to a university campus between 1985 and the present day.

The diagrams make a comparison between a university campus in 1985 and the appearance this campus has today.

In 1985 the three science blocks (physics, chemistry and biology) are in different buildings but in the present day these are combined into a science zone in the form of laboratories. The library is maintained in the same place, to the north west of the campus, however this building becomes larger and includes an IT centre. Similarly the administration building can be found in the south east of the campus but currently it has been reduced in size.

There were two car parks in 1985, one to the south west and the other was located between the Chemistry and Biology block. In addition, a road ran between the car park and the administration building. Both the car parks have been removed and have been replaced by a lecture theatre and a shuttle bus terminal. Footpaths now connect the buildings as well as the bus terminal. Finally, the centre of the campus is covered in greenery.

To sum up, the present campus has become compact with many building merging together. Parking areas have been replaced by a single bus terminal, footpaths and the campus is greener now.

Question taken from Focus on Skills for IELTS Foundation p.79

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