Friday, 28 September 2012

Phrasal Verbs with 'turn'

Turn something around = to change an unsuccessful business/system into a successful one. e.g. The new manager was able to turn the company around and we are making a profit now.

Turn something around = to change someone’s words/meaning e.g. I didn’t actually say that. He turned my words around.

Turn around = to move so that you are facing another direction. e.g. Turn around so I can see how short she cut your hair at the back.

Turn someone away = to refuse entry to someone due to lack of space e.g. We arrived at the restaurant when it was full and they turned us away.

Turn someone away = to refuse to help e.g. He came to ask me for money and I turned him away.

Turn back = to change your plans e.g. There is no turning back now. We signed the contract.

Turn someone/something down = to refuse an offer/request e.g. I had to turn that job down as the salary they were offering wasn’t good enough.

Turn something down = to reduce the volume/heat e.g. I think the rice is almost ready. Can you please turn down the flame?

Turn someone in/over = to take a criminal to the police e.g. They turned themselves in after six months as they were tired of being on the run.

Turn someone/something into someone/something = to change and become different e.g. At midnight Cinderella turned into a poor girl again.

Turn something off/on = to make a machine stop/start working e.g. Can you turn off the lights when you leave the office?

Turn off something = to leave a road you are driving on e.g. You need to turn off the main road once you drive past the supermarket.

Turn someone off/on something = to make someone not interested/interested in something e.g. My maths teacher completely turned me off the subject.

Turn out = to happen in a certain way e.g. My shopping trip to Dubai turned out just as I had expected.

Turn something out = to produce a product e.g. We turn out about 2.000 mobile phones a month.

Turn to someone = to ask for help/advice/sympathy e.g. Whenever I have a problem I turn to my parents.

Turn something up = to increase the amount e.g. Can you turn up the volume? I can’t hear very well.

Turn up = to arrive e.g. We turned up at 8pm.

Turn up = an unexpected opportunity e.g. I needed a part-time job and luckily this opening turned up.

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