Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The line graph shows how many members of a sports club are active in four different types of sports activities between 1995 until now.

To begin with, 300 members were engaged in racquet sports in 1990 and this number was reduced by half in the time period under consideration. In 1990, there were 250 swimmers in the club and this number remained constant throughout, except in the year 2000 when 20 more members took up swimming. Although fitness classes were not very popular in 1990 with 120 members enrolling, this number doubled steadily to reach 220 members in the present day. Similarly circuit training doubled from around 150 members at the beginning of the time period to 300 currently.

To conclude, the members in fitness classes and circuit training at the Santon Sports Club increased, fewer members took up racket sports while swimming membership remained unchanged. In addition, today circuit training has the most members.

Question taken from Focus on Skills for Ielts Foundation p.55

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