Thursday, 13 September 2012

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The pie charts show the factors contributing most to happiness for those under and over 30 years of age.

Almost a third of those under 30 are fulfilled when they perform well at work. 22% of these people are happy when they are engaged in their hobbies whilst 4% less consider having a good appearance as being important. Travelling and other factors have almost the same percentage.

Similarly, those over 30 value their careers and this makes 32% of them happy. Hobbies are more important for the 30 plus group reaching 24%. Similarly spending time with family members and other factors combine to form 24%. Finally, financial security accounts for 20% of this age group’s happiness.

To sum up, people of all ages value achievement at work the most and emphasis is also placed on leisure time activities. Happiness for the over 30’s comes in the form of being with the family and financial security whilst the younger age group are concerned about travelling and their image.

Question taken from Focus on Skills for IELTS Foundation p.116

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