Thursday, 9 May 2013

Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)


Describe something interesting that you are going to do in your free time.
You should say:
  • What it is (a sport, a hobby, a trip)
  • When you’re going to do it (month, year)
  • Why it will be interesting (something different, enjoyable, the first time you’re doing it)
  • and explain how you feel about it doing it (excited, looking forward to it)


What are some things in life that people need to plan for carefully?
(studies, career, old age, wedding, family)

Are there any important things that people cannot prepare for?
(being a parent, unforeseen circumstances)

Why do you think some people don’t like making plans?
(they like to be impulsive and live for the moment, take things as they happen)


In your country, what are some things that many people hope to achieve in life?
(personal success, professional success, to have family and friends)

Could you compare these with the hopes and ambitions people had when your parents were young?
(older generation placed importance on health and wished the best for their children)

Why do people need to have hopes and dreams?
(in order to have something to look forward to and work towards)


Could you compare people who are optimistic and people who are pessimistic about the future?
(optimistic people have positive thoughts and believe things will be better while the opposite is true with pessimists)

How does a person’s attitude to the future affect their life?
(it affects their current life as their mental attitude has an impact on the decisions they make)

Do you think that people should be optimistic about the future of the world these days?
(we are bombarded with bad news and negativity daily so it is difficult to be optimistic but people will be healthier with positive thinking)

Questions taken from Focusing on IELTS Academic Practice Tests p.121

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