Thursday, 23 May 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The table shows four reasons why adults in the UK attended the arts over a 20 year period.

To begin with, over half of the attendees listed their desire to see a specific artist as their most important reason for attending an event in all the time periods. To be more precise, 58% gave this as their reason 20 years ago, 55% ten years ago and 1% more today. Attending the arts to celebrate a special occasion dropped over this time span. Whereas the figure was 27% twenty years ago this percentage has fallen to 9% today.

In contrast, accompanying children and attending for business reasons increased.  9% of the adults cited accompanying children as the motive behind going to an arts event 20 years ago. This percentage went up to 15% ten years ago and grew to 24% where it stands today. Finally, only 6% of UK adults went to an arts event for business reasons twenty years ago. This rose to 10% a decade later and a further 1% today.

To sum up, UK adults wanted to see an artist and that was the main reason behind attending an arts event while very few adults attending for business reasons. Many more adults began attending the arts in order to accompany their children whilst there were fewer who opted to go to an event as a way to celebrate an occasion.

Question taken from IELTS Academic Purposes Student's book p.27

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