Thursday, 23 May 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The information shown in the bar graph relates to Science qualifications in Italy and Germany.

Most people in Germany and Italy have no qualification in Science at all. In other words 60% of Italians and 55% of Germans are without a Science qualification. In Italy 30% have passed school leaving exams in the Sciences whilst this qualification stands at 25% in Germany. More Germans than Italians have a Science Bachelor’s degree. This accounts for 15% in Germany and 8% in Italy. Finally, the number of Science Master’s degree holders are the same for both countries, approximately 3%.

It is clear to see that Science qualifications do not rank highly in these two European countries. More than 50% have no qualifications in Science and about half this number have passed school leaving exams in this area. Although the Germans have a greater number of people with a Science Bachelor less than 5% have a Master’s degree in this subject.

Question taken from IELTS for Academic Purposes Student's book p.67

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