Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

There are many ways of preventing crime that are much better than prison. Do you agree or disagree with this view?

Being sent to prison is a form of punishment given to people who break the law. If people know that there is a possibility of being put behind bars for a crime they might not go through with it. In some countries there are severe forms of punishment such as capital punishment to ensure that criminals don’t commit serious crimes.

Some people might say that the idea of prison is not a way to prevent crime. Perhaps criminals don’t believe that they will ever get caught. When prisoners have served their time, they are likely to re-offend when they get out. Due to the fact that the environment inside prison is harsh, it is not the ideal place for a person to reflect on their actions and reform.

Increased security might prevent crime. Cities like London are full of CCTV cameras. Londoners know they are being watched constantly and that footage can be used in court. Many crimes have been captured on camera so this might make criminals cautious.

Capital punishment exists in some states in America and prisoners who commit serious crimes are executed. If someone knows they could lose their life for their wrongdoing they might think twice before taking that risk. There are of course much lighter sentences such as community service for less serious crimes, in which case an offender might not feel the weight of his wrongdoing.

Offenders are sent to prison after they have broken the law. It is the result of their actions rather than a preventative measure for crime. If the government wants to prevent crime they need to take other measures and look into the reasons behind criminal behavior and think of ways to increase security and safety.

Question taken from IELTS for Academic Purposes Student's Book p.33

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