Monday, 27 May 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The table shows how many millions of people speak six languages either as a native language or as an additional one.

The language that is spoken the most by far is Mandarin reaching a total of 1,051 billion speakers of which 873 million are native speakers. English follows with 810 million speakers in total but it is mainly spoken as an additional language (470 million). Of the 490 million Hindi speakers, only 120 million speak it as an additional language. 70 million less people speak Spanish with 20 million less native speakers compared to Hindi speakers.
Arabic speakers surpass Portuguese speakers by 17 million and 3 million more speak it as a native language. Portuguese is not popular as an additional language. It has 10 million speakers.
Mandarin is spoken the most as a native language however English ranks the highest in terms of number of speakers who use it as an additional language. On the other hand, Portuguese is spoken the least on all accounts.
Question taken from IELTS for Academic Purposes Student's Book p.28


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