Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Schools should prepare pupils for their future lives and for the world of employment. Learning about history is not necessary and more emphasis should be placed on other school subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Getting a job has become highly competitive and students should be able to use the skills that they learn at school and university in their workplace. In recent years the school curriculum has changed to include subjects that will be useful later on in life such as Typing, Computers, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Foreign Languages etc.

First of all, we need to think about the main aim of schools. In other words, is their aim to provide general education to students or to provide specialist knowledge. The world of employment is constantly changing and some subjects have become more important than others. For example it has become very important for employees to be fluent in more than one language. It is for this reason that schools wish to produce employable adults rather than focusing on subjects that are viewed as looking at the past such as history.

History however should not be neglected as a school subject as it serves its own purpose. It is a useful subject in that it informs students about the past, their roots, reminds them of mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated, their heritage, civilizations, relationships with other countries etc. Let’s not forget that this subject is important to students who wish to become History teachers or to study related subjects like Law and Archeology.

I believe History should be a core school subject up until a certain level and then it should be optional, giving the opportunity to those wanting to follow the subject more closely a chance to do so. Priority should be given to current subjects so that students can be better prepared for their future.

Question taken from IELTS for Academic Purposes Student's Book p.97

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