Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

Energy consumption in the United States is shown on the line graph, beginning in 1980 and showing projections for 2030.

In 1980, 35 quadrillion units of Petrol and Oil were consumed with this figure projected to increase by 10 quadrillion in 2030. The consumption of Natural Gas in 1980 was 20 quadrillion. Its use fluctuated until 2010. Between 2015 and 2030 it is expected to be constant at 23 quadrillion units.
Although the use of Coal in 1980 was 16 quadrillion units, this surpassed Natural Gas usage and is projected to reach 30 quadrillion units by the end of the given time period. The consumption of the remaining three types of fuels (Nuclear, Solar/Wind and Hydropower) follow a similar trend, starting at 4 quadrillion units. Although Hydropower consumption drops slightly and Nuclear power rises slightly, Solar/Wind power remains relatively constant.
To conclude, Petrol and Oil is consumed the most and Hydropower the least. There is expected to be a rise in consumption of Petrol, Oil, Coal, Nuclear and Natural Gas fuels while a fall is expected in Hydropower. Solar/Wind energy consumption is predicted to stay the same.

Question taken from Cambridge Practice Tests, IELTS 9, p.101

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