Monday, 4 June 2012

Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)

Part 2

Describe a song or a piece of music you like. You should say:

What the song/music is
Title, artist, lyrics

What kind of song/music it is
Pop, R&B, rap, rock, indie, house, jazz etc.
Local, international

Where you first heard it
Club, radio, internet, TV etc

And explain why you like it
Popular, you can dance to it, catchy, the beat, the lyrics, artist, reminds you of an experience/person, you enjoy that type of music, it relaxes you, makes you forget your problems.

Part 3


Kinds of music popular with young people in your culture.
Local, international, rap, R&B, house, opera etc

The internet and music:

Free videos/downloads
International music
Make playlist you like
Publicity for unknown artists

Artists lose money from piracy
Artists hard work is not validated or appreciated as it is easily available


How important is it for a culture to have musical traditions?
You can learn a lot about a culture through its music – a society’s values, morals, history, musical instruments used etc.

Question taken from Cambridge IELTS 5 p.54

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