Thursday, 21 June 2012

Idioms with 'time'

Ahead of one’s time = an idea or invention that is advanced
All in good time = as soon as it is appropriate
Any time = it is not necessary to say 'thank you'
At one time = at some time in the past
Do time = serve a prison sentence
For the time being = meanwhile
From time to time = occasionally
Have no time for somebody/something = to have a strong dislike
In good time = with time to spare
In one’s own time = at whatever rate suits one
In one’s time = at some time in one’s past
Long time no see = if you haven’t seen someone in a while
Make good time = travel more quickly than expected
One at a time = singly
Take one’s time = do something slower
Time after time = repeatedly
Time flies = time passes quickly
A stich in time saves nine = correcting a small fault prevents a bigger one later on
At the same time = simultaneously
Behind the times = old-fashioned
Fall on bad times = become poor
Have the time of one’s life = enjoy oneself
High time = it’s about time
In the nick of time = just in time
Kill time = do something while waiting
There’s no time like the present = it is better to do something now

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