Friday, 1 June 2012

Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)

Part 2

Describe a restaurant that you enjoyed going to.

You should say:

- Where the restaurant was
name, location - city, area, street

- Why you chose this restaurant
type of food, location, decoration, price, staff, atmosphere, type of people who go there

- What type of food you ate in this restaurant
starters, main course, dessert, international food, traditional, fish restaurant etc

- Why you enjoyed eating in this restaurant
food is cooked well, good presentation of food, atmosphere, background music, friendly crowd, popular place

Part 3


- Why do people go to restaurants when they want to celebrate something?

Change from routine, can choose the type of food to eat, don’t have to prepare meal and clean-up

- Is food in an expensive restaurant always better than food in a cheap restaurant?
Paying for quality, top chef, fresh ingredients, small portions. It’s a matter of personal taste


- What effects has modern technology had on the way food is produced?
Food made in factories, unnatural, grown faster than it should, seasonal food is available all year round, additives make food tastier and last longer.

- Is it important for a country to be able to grow all the food it needs?
This will make it self-sufficient, independent, and allow people to eat fresh food that is locally produced but no choice of international food.

Question taken from Cambridge IELTS 8 p.55

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