Friday, 1 June 2012

Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)

Part 2

Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.
You should say:

- What you do
Type of exercise, hours per week

- Where you do it
Location ( gym, park) describe the place
- Who you do it with
Friends, alone, partner, family. Why do you exercise with them

- and explain why you think doing this is healthy
keep fit, have more energy, keeps your body slim and gives you muscles, good for blood circulation, prevents diseases, builds strong immune system, improves self-confidence, it is important for everyone to exercise, long-life.

Part 3


- What do most people do to keep fit in your country?
Football, gym, walking, swimming etc.


- Why do some people think that modern lifestyles are not healthy?
Eat too much, wrong type of food e.g. food high in fat, sugar, salt, fried oil
Smoke, drink alcohol, coffee, soft drinks
Don’t exercise enough
Work too many hours, stress, not enough sleep
- How can people be encouraged to live in a healthy way?
Provide facilities for exercising e.g. parks, lanes for bikes, marathons, competitions

Make fast food expensive to buy

Teach children from a young age about diet and exercise
Question taken from Cambridge IELTS 6 p.54

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