Saturday, 23 June 2012

Idioms with 'throw'

Throw a party = organise and pay for a party
Throw oneself at somebody = try to gain someone’s love by showing it openly
Throw one’s weight about = to use one’s authority or power
Throw something in = add something as an afterthought
Throw something together = make something hurriedly
Throw up = to vomit
Throw someone in at the deep end = to face a new situation in its most difficult aspect
Throw a spanner in the works = to disrupt
Throw caution to the winds = behave with extreme thoughtlessness
Throw good money after bad = waste money in an attempt to recover previous losses
Throw in the towel = surrender
Throw money at = continue to finance a loss-making venture
Throw money away = waste money
Throw out the baby with the bath water = lose something useful when getting rid of something apparently useless
Throw something in someone’s face = keep reminding someone of something they would rather forget

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