Monday, 28 May 2012

Model Answer - Academic Writing (Task 1)

The charts show the share of the Australian and British cinema markets in 2001 and cinema admissions in Britian and Australia from 1980 to 2001.

The bar chart shows the country of origin of films being watched in Britain and Australia in 2001 and how many people went to see movies over a 20 year period in these two countries.

Films from America were the most popular variety in both countries with almost 80% being screened in Britain and about 10% less in Australia. British films were not as popular in these two countries. 20% of films made locally in Britain were watched there while Australians watched less than half of these. No Australian films were seen in Britain while only 10% were seen in their country of origin. Finally, while very few other films were seen in Britain, Australia watched about 15% of this category.

In 1980, 100 million people went to the cinema in Britain and this amount was reduced to around 60% four years later. Admissions rose steadily over the next 14 years reaching almost 160 million in 2000. Admissions in Australia were less for all the years starting at 40 million and ending up at about 90 million 20 years later.

To sum up, American movies were favoured by both countries and British viewers watched more films than Australians between 1980 and 2000.

Question taken from Cambride Instant IELTS p.82

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