Friday, 25 May 2012

General Training - Model Answer (Task 2)

Life nowadays is generally much more stressful than in the past.  Give some reasons why people suffer more from stress nowadays and say what they can do to reduce it.

In most big cities of the world we see people rushing from one place to another, consuming many cups of coffee, suffering from insomnia and panic attacks and dying from stress-related diseases like heart attacks.  These are some of the side effects of living a stressful life.

Despite the fact that our lives have become easier and more comfortable we are currently more stressed.  Life is more competitive and in order to keep up with trends we have to work hard.  Employers are demanding and do not hesitate to fire workers that are not maintaining certain standards.  Consumerism and greed make people live beyond their means which is stressful.  In addition the rhythm of living in a metropolis that never sleeps, rush hour traffic and the pressure of trying to squeeze too many activities into a short period of time is another factor.

We can look to the past for a model of stress-free living. People were satisfied with obtaining their basic needs. Thus, people should strive to work fewer hours, follow a healthy diet and exercise in order to have a positive outlook to life.  They should avoid the trap of consumerism which leads to excessive spending.

To sum up, people have lost touch with nature and a simple lifestyle and have been sucked into dangerous spending patterns along with misleading priorities and values.  Stress is damaging to a person's wellbeing and should be avoided if someone wants to live a long life.
Question taken from Cambridge Instant IELTS p. 110


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