Thursday, 24 May 2012

General Training - Model Answer (Task 2)

It is often difficult for young people to find a good job without previous work experience. Governments should encourage employers to choose young people when they need new workers. Do you agree or disagree?

Once a young graduate gets their degree they are faced with the challenge of being selected for a job among a pile of CVs from other attractive candidates with a wealth of relevant work experience. Their chances of getting chosen are extremely slim.

Governments are in a position to give business incentives to hire recent graduates. This may include paying some of the worker’s salary, subsidizing their training or reducing the tax burden of a company. It is a good idea to hire young people as they have plenty of energy to work because they are fresh out of university. They tend to be ambitious and focused and will breathe new ideas into a company. In addition, because they lack work experience they are willing to accept a lower salary compared to someone who has been in the market for years. Finally, young people are willing and eager to learn in order to get ahead so an employer can benefit from this loyalty.

On the other hand, employers may be reluctant to hire graduates. They may prefer experienced workers who know the market well and have established good networks or they may not wish to waste time and money to train inexperienced staff.

To sum up, if no-one gives a young person an opportunity they will not be able to gain the work experience needed to get a job. Young people have plenty to offer a company and the government should intervene in this matter to promote them in the workplace.

Question taken from Cambridge Instant IELTS p.113

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