Sunday, 28 August 2011

General Training Model Answer – IELTS (Task 1)

Last week you went to a musical concert. You were very impressed with the performance.

Write a letter to a friend about the concert. In your letter
Say what the concert was and why you went
Describe the performance
Suggest why he/she should go to the concert

Dear Hanif,

You won’t believe who had a concert here last week! Ayub Bacchu the Rock star from Bangladesh. I had no idea that he was performing here. Tuhin surprised me by buying the tickets.

The stadium was full of fans singing along to his greatest hits. Ayub delivered an energetic concert with all the new tracks on his latest album. He also sang many of his old songs. Standing at centre stage with his electric guitar and his humble style made the audience wild. It was a truly great performance which lasted 3 hours. Even though he didn’t sing any songs in English and I couldn’t understand anything, the music and his talent kept me on the dance floor.

I know you appreciate rock music and you don’t miss any concerts that involve Bangladeshi artists so I think you should go to this remarkable one. I heard there are some shows next week. Due to popular demand Ayub has extended his stay here!

Sandy Wu
Question taken from New Insights into IELTS Workbook p.61

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