Sunday, 28 August 2011

General Training Model Answer – IELTS (Task 1)

Two days ago you had a meal at a well-known restaurant. Unfortunately, you were ill after the meal.

Write a letter to the restaurant. In your letter
Describe what you ate
Say how you feel about the situation
Tell them what they can do about it

Dear Mr. Lui,

I have just returned from hospital where I spent four unpleasant days on the drip because of food poisoning I believe is the result of eating unfit food at your restaurant.

You may recall the engagement party that was held there last week and the lovely dishes on offer. I distinctly remember trying the fried silk worm cocoons for which your restaurant is famed. Immediately after eating a couple I began to feel ill and could eat nothing else.

Unfortunately this situation caused me great discomfort. I could not return to work and I also did not want to spoil such a wonderful occasion by telling other guests about my bad experience. Your restaurant is regarded as the best in the city and this incident could ruin your reputation.

I suggest you speak to your kitchen staff to find out why the food was likely to lead to food poisoning. I would also appreciate some assistance with paying the hospital bill.

Yours sincerely,

Dao Lee
Question taken from New Insights into IELTS Student's Book p.118

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