Friday, 26 August 2011

General Training Model Answer – IELTS (Task 1)

You have recently started work in a new company.

Write a letter to an English-speaking friend. In your letter

Explain why you changed jobs
Describe your new job
Tell him/her your other news

Dear Emma,

Do you remember the last time we spoke and I told you that I had been invited for a second interview at Creative Solutions? Well, they were really impressed with my portfolio so they hired me. The package was too good to refuse. I will be getting double the salary, plus commission. The working hours are also better than my previous job. What is more, the two hour journey to my previous job was really draining so it’s great that I can now walk to the office.

As I’ve been given the title of Creative Director, it is my responsibility to come up with new concepts for our clients’ advertising campaigns. I have a team of five members to manage and the accounts of large clients. I will be in charge from the initial idea all the way through to the final product.

I have also moved in with David! His apartment is much better than the place I was renting and I was allowed to take my cat with me. I’ve also lost 2 kilos as David cooks healthy meals daily and after dinner we walk around the neighbourhood for an hour.

I’m waiting to hear your news.



Question taken from IELTS 7 Practice Tests p.116

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